Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pastor Joan Oleson
Church Office
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Saron Endowment Fund for Mission
Saron's Endowment Fund for Mission, started in 1982, receives special gifts and bequests from members and friends to carry out ministries beyond Saron's normal budgetary needs.  The Endowment Fund assets are invested with, and managed by, the ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust and the Berrien Community Foundation.  Disbursement of Endowment Fund earnings are managed by the congregation's Endowment Committee.   Earnings of the Endowment Fund are used for ministry needs described as:

1) local benevolent needs

2) benevolent ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and its agencies

3) the maintenance and/or improvement of this congregation's buildings

Approximately $40,000 in fund earnings have been distributed in support of these ministry needs.

Please help us build up our core investment either by sending your tax deductible gifts to Saron Lutheran Church Endowment Fund or by including the Endowment Fund in your estate planning.