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How Your Donation Will Be Used


Ways Your Donation Will Be Used

General Fund – Your gifts will be used for the day to day operation of Saron.

Project Fortify and Fly – In the Fall of 2018, Saron embarked on a three year major capital campaign, Project Fortify & Fly. Your gifts will be used to help Saron move into the future by improving our facilities and expanding our outreach programs. As of January, 2019, over $371,000 has been pledged to the project and the work of the project has begun. For more information on giving to Project Fortify & Fly contact Campaign Co-Director Dennis Lundgren at church or by Email at or contact Pastor Oleson.

Endowment Fund – Saron's Endowment Fund for Mission, started in 1982, receives special gifts and bequests from members and friends to carry out ministries beyond Saron's normal budgetary needs. The Endowment Fund assets are invested with, and managed by, the ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust and the Berrien Community Foundation. The Endowment Fund Committee will make periodic recommendations on how the money available for use might best be distributed. These recommendations will be submitted to the church council for approval. A report will be provided at the Saron’s annual meeting describing how these funds have been used. Earnings of the Endowment Fund are used for ministry needs described as:

1) local benevolent needs,

2) benevolent ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and/or international benevolent needs,

3) the maintenance and/or improvement of this congregation's buildings and grounds.

Over $60,000 in fund earnings have been distributed in support of these ministry needs. For more information on giving to the Endowment Fund contact contact Pastor Oleson.

Memorial fund – These gifts are held in the Memorial Fund and are used at the discretion of the church council after discussion with the family of the deceased.  A report will be made at the annual meeting showing how the funds were used.  Thank you notes will be sent to the donors.

Undesignated funds - Donated gifts that are not designated for one of the above four accounts will be reviewed by the church council who will determine how the gifts are to be used.  The donor will receive both verbal and written communication explaining how the funds were used.

Note – If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose, please discuss your desire with the pastor or council chairperson prior to making the donation.

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