Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pastor Joan Oleson
Church Office
(269) 983-1273


In the Fall of 2018, Saron embarked on a major capital campaign, Project Fortify & Fly, to
    • Repair and Enhance our Building for Ministry,
    • Enhance our Worship Space for Flexibility and and Hospitality,
    • Investigate and Pursue Additional Staffing for Ministry Priorities,
    • Enhance our Identity and Reputation through Brand Awareness,
    • and Improve and Enhance our Technology for Ministry.

In addition, the Church Council is recommending that the congregation give 10%, or, tithe, which will be designated to specific projects in the wider world through Lutheran Disaster Response and locally to the Readiness Center in Benton Harbor.

As of January, 2019, over $371,000 has been pledged to the project an the work of the project has begun.

Gifts continue to be welcome! Your gift can include cash or other gifts such as stocks, bonds, and other appreciated gifts.

For more information on giving to Project Fortify & Fly contact Campaign Co-Director Dennis Lundgren at church or by Email at or contact Pastor Oleson.

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