Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pastor Joan Oleson
Church Office
(269) 983-1273

Who We Are

Saron Lutheran Church is a faithful community that continually seeks new ways to grow and serve to the glory of God.

As Lutherans, we believe in a gracious God, revealed in the crucified and risen Christ. Baptized into God’s family, we live as God’s forgiven children, freed to serve God and neighbor. We do so by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Saron is a congregation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
Our Mission: Joyfully Sharing God's Love For All!!!
Our Vision:
  • Facilities
    Create a physical environment that will support our ministry 
  • Hospitality, Inclusivity and Welcoming
    Offer for all, Christ's radical hospitality
  • Worship
    Provide enhanced relevant worship experiences
  • Outreach
    Serve our community with 100% participation of those who worship at Saron
  • Youth
    Strive to encourage each of our youth to grow into their unique potential for a Christ centered life
  • Learning
    Center our lives in Christ through life-long learning

Our Official Statement of Welcome

As a community of faith who joyfully shares God's love for all, we believe our lives and faith are strengthened by diversity. We strive to be a community who welcomes people of every ability, age, citizenship status, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, language, marital status, political perspective, race, and sexual orientation. We are committed to the work of racial equity. Whatever life's circumstance, we openly welcome and value you. We celebrate God's unconditional love and respond joyfully to your presence here. All are welcome. You are welcome.


A small group of Scandinavians met for worship in the St. Joseph fire station on August 3, 1875. After the service Rev. J. P. Nuquist called for the establishment of a Lutheran church for people of Swedish descent and 29 persons signed a charter to become part of the Augustana Synod. The name "Saron" was chosen for congregation. It was the Swedish spelling of "Sharon" in the Bible and refers to God's love as a blossom - like a rose in the desert.

“The desert will sing and shout for joy; it will be as beautiful as the fields of Carmel and Sharon.” Isaiah 35:2(NEB)

Today, Saron is a community of people with various backgrounds. We gather each week to worship and go out to joyfully share God’s love for all creation.

2020 Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church Council
Karen Johnson – President, Outreach*; Krin Jurgensen – Vice President, Worship*, Project Fortify & Fly; Joe Ulrey – Treasurer, Support*; Scott Kohs – Secretary, Facilities*; Molly Becker - Youth*; Molly Becker - Youth*; Matt Bradley - Support*; Dianna Deaton – Hospitality*; Brad Frey - Facilities*; Don Hafer - Support*;  Youth*; Jim Manore - Outreach*, Learning*; Merrily Smith - Youth*, Hospitality*;  Joan Oleson – Pastor